SkinPen Microneedling

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SkinPen Microneedling

SkinPen microneedling is a non-surgical way to replenish your complexion. If you struggle with enlarged pores, acne scars, age spots, or other blemishes, SkinPen can alleviate your concerns.

Dr. Daniel Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon, but he is also a genius when it comes to non-surgical means to rejuvenation. In the skilled hands of Dr. Brown, the SkinPen can illuminate your youthful, natural skin. To learn how this innovative microneedling technology can address your complexion’s imperfections, contact us online or call (619) 461-1500. Dr. Brown has four convenient locations to proudly serve the greater San Diego community. Whether you live in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, La Jolla or Coronado, we have a clinic near you.

Dr. Brown also provides virtual consultations to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

What Is SkinPen?

The human body is a miracle of regeneration and reparation. As skin cells die and slough away, they are replaced by fresh, healthy cells. This perpetual cycle is fueled by collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies.

As we age, however, we produce less and less collagen. Skin may need a helping hand when it comes to resurfacing one’s complexion. The maintenance of acne-prone skin is even more complicated. Sebum, the oil that skin naturally secretes, may build up and clog the pores. If sebum accumulates faster than the body can eliminate dead cells and everyday waste, it results in the formation of acne. 

SkinPen addresses all of the above. By triggering collagen production and treating pores simultaneously, the SkinPen device provides comprehensive improvement in the palm of your hand… or should we say, Dr. Brown’s hand!

The Latest Advancement in Microneedling 

Microneedling is a wonderful remedy for small scars, rhytides (fine lines), and conditions such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, and dyschromia.[1] [2] The microneedling procedure works by creating strategically placed micro-injuries along the treatment area. The body responds rapidly increasing its collagen production, healing the small punctures and producing a fresh sheen of healthy skin. 

Traditional microneedling utilizes rollers, which is a lackluster delivery mode. Rollers are not adjustable like SkinPen. While SkinPen can access impurities at various depths beneath the surface, rollers are set in stone.

The SkinPen device features 14 sets of ultrathin needles. Dr. Brown or one of his trusted associates can customize your SkinPen treatment to treat the exact depths where your imperfections originate. 

Despite its convenient appearance, you should not trust SkinPen in the hands of an unlicensed practitioner. This device is the first of its kind to earn FDA-clearance, but only an experienced medical professional should operate it. 

Benefits of Microneedling 

One of the main reasons why microneedling is so popular is due to its ability to reduce acne scarring.[3] When blackheads and blemishes disrupt your natural attractiveness, they also take a toll on your complexion in the long run.

SkinPen can address divots, dimples, and other acne manifestations. By gently issuing microscopic pinpoints via its sterilized microneedles, SkinPen triggers your body to flourish with controlled, smooth collagen enhancement. This flood of collagen replaces uneven acne scars and replenishes skin with your own tissue. 

SkinPen Benefits

  • Sessions are brief, generally lasting 20-30 minutes
  • SkinPen works for all skin tones and shades 
  • No downtime because no sedatives are necessary

To experience the radiant benefits of SkinPen, contact one of our San Diego area clinics.

Eligible Candidates

Microneedling is perfect for clients who wish to freshen their complexion without the downtime of surgery. Eligible candidates include individuals with large pores, visible age spots, stretch marks, and/or acne scars. 

You may not be viable for SkinPen treatment if you have an active infection in the treatment area. Psoriasis, herpes, eczema and vulnerability to keloid scarring may also prevent you from experiencing SkinPen microneedling enhancement. Dr. Brown can determine your eligibility for skin resurfacing during your private consultation

Comprehensive Consultation in San Diego

Skin is amazingly versatile in both the short and long term. It protects us from injury and the elements, but over time, the ravages of time play out on our complexion for all to see. To treat sun damage, crow’s feet, stretch marks, or all of the above, you should consult with Dr. Brown.

Communication is the cornerstone of improvement. Be ready to share your medical history and future aesthetic goals.

After performing a brief physical assessment, Dr. Brown can recommend the best approach to your rejuvenation. If that strategy includes SkinPen microneedling, you may be ready to benefit from your first session immediately following the consultation. If another method would be more beneficial, Dr. Brown can explain the parameters of your many options. 

In the spirit of world-class communication, we regularly update our blog. It is packed with information regarding skin enhancement and maintenance. If any questions occur to you as you peruse our posts, we would love for you to bring them to Dr. Brown’s attention. After all, an informed patient is a satisfied patient

Easy Preparation

During your consultation, you will receive detailed instructions to prepare you for the SkinPen microneedling procedure. These directions will be tailored to your specific case, so please adhere to them closely. It is always advisable to quit smoking at least three weeks prior to skin treatments. Tobacco products leach the skin of moisture, and hydration is essential to a glowing complexion.

Dr. Brown may also request that you stop taking certain blood-thinning medications and supplements. Even though the SkinPen process is minimally invasive, your circulation should be at peak performance to minimize your risk of bruising or bleeding. 

SkinPen Microneedling Procedure

SkinPen Microneedling Procedure

From the moment you arrive at one of our four Southern California locations, we want you to feel right at home. A clinician will cleanse the treatment area and apply a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort you may encounter. 

SkinPen uses ultrafine needles that measure between 0.5mm and 3mm in length. Dr. Brown will explain the adjustability of the handheld device during your consultation. The duration of your microneedling session depends on the extent of your treatment area but typically lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. 

Rapid Recovery

Immediately following your SkinPen procedure, we may administer a soothing solution to apply to the affected area. This will cool the skin and facilitate a faster healing process. You may feel a slight stinging sensation similar to a mild sunburn. Any minor redness on the treatment area should fade within a matter of 12-24 hours.

Be sure to follow Dr. Brown’s aftercare instructions. Avoid excessive sweating for the first 1-2 days and do not apply makeup to the affected skin. Over the next two weeks, it is important to remember sunblock to avoid the harmful effects of direct sunlight. 

Remarkable Results

SkinPen brings even tone and texture to your complexion. Results will appear in a few distinct waves, the first of which emerges within about a week. Your skin will enjoy a healthy glow, and that shimmer will only amplify over the next month. Some patients request follow-up treatments to maximize the benefits of SkinPen. The best results generally occur after three sessions spaced one month apart.

To get a preview of your future satisfaction with both SkinPen and Dr. Brown, visit our reviews page. We thrive on feedback and we are eager to add you to our growing family of happy, healthy clientele.  

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

SkinPen provides truly transformative results, but it may not address all of your bothersome imperfections. We encourage you to discuss our full suite of services with Dr. Brown.


A facelift is the comprehensive surgical solution to pronounced ptosis (sagging). Dr. Brown will gently remove loose skin along the hairline, concealing his incisions as he goes. He will then lift and contour the skin to celebrate your natural features.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers

Gaps emerge beneath the surface of the skin as it loses elasticity with age. Injectable fillers can replenish thinning or deflated features with hyaluronic acid (HA). HA naturally occurs in the human body and facilitates increased hydration and pleasing volume. 

Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic

Every time your face expresses an emotion, the muscles pull at your skin. Fine creases become etched into your complexion over time, but Botox Cosmetic can help erase them. By relaxing muscular tension along the brow and midface, Botox creates a new sense of calm which will show all over your face. 

Regardless of which procedures you seek, Dr. Brown is your ultimate co-pilot on your road to rejuvenation. Contact us at your earliest convenience to experience the full benefits of aesthetic enhancement. 


How much does SkinPen microneedling cost in San Diego?

The cost of a SkinPen treatment depends on the extent of the treatment area and how many sessions you need to achieve the desired results. Dr. Brown will provide transparent pricing as part of your comprehensive consultation. Until then, please consult our financing options or call (619) 461-1500 to learn more about SkinPen microneedling. 


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