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Bellesoma Breast Lift

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Aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are all factors that can cause the breasts to droop or become pendulous. The only way to correct these issues is by undergoing a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy*. However, traditional breast lifts leave unsightly vertical scars running from the areola to the breast crease. Most women don’t want to incur this ugly scar, but are told by other surgeons that there is no other way.

Dr. Daniel Brown is one of only five doctors in the world performing the Bellesoma breast lift. The Bellesoma breast lift gives patients the beautiful look they desire, without leaving any vertical scarring*.

*results may vary

Before & After Photos

*results may vary

Find out more about the Bellesoma Method below and then contact Dr. Brown at one of his two San Diego locations to schedule a consultation to get started.


About Bellesoma Breast Lift

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Bellesoma breast lift is the fact that it will not leave patients with an ugly vertical scar following the operation. All of the incisions are hidden in the breast crease and around the areola, where they will blend in and fade naturally*.

In order to achieve the beautiful results produced by the Bellesoma Method, Dr. Brown begins by analyzing the patient’s breasts using specifically designed software*. The software will analyze the physical volume and dimensions of the breasts. By calculating 25 different references points on each breast, the software will then create a “surgical blueprint” for the patient’s unique case. This gives the patient the opportunity to help customize the outcome prior to the surgery date and shows the patient what their final results will look like*.

During the procedure, Dr. Brown will maintain the patient’s breast volume*. However, he will create new breast mounds out of the patient’s existing tissue, which will be located higher on the patient’s chest wall. This will also increase the volume in the upper pole of the breasts without the need for implants*.

*results may vary

Benefits of the Bellesoma Breast Lift

  • No vertical scars: the incisions are hidden around the areola and in the breast crease
  • No need for implants or other synthetic materials: only natural breast tissue from the patient’s own body
  • Increased fullness in the upper breast pole: existing breast tissue is repositioned on the high chest wall for a youthful, lifted bust
  • Customized surgical plans: each surgery is engineered to fit each patient’s specific needs
  • Preserves patient’s ability to breastfeed and nipple sensation
  • Long lasting results

*results may vary

Good Candidates

bellesoma-breast-liftGood candidates for the Bellesoma breast lift may be patients who are interested in a traditional breast lift, but do not want to incur any vertical scarring. Their breasts may appear drooping or pendulous. They likely have some degree of ptosis, or sagging. This may lead patients to feel self conscious about their appearance. They may have difficulty finding tops that fit correctly or may be embarrassed to wear certain clothing, such as swimsuits or low cut tops.

As with a traditional breast lift procedure, patients should be in good health prior to undergoing surgery. This means that they should be at a healthy and stable body weight and be nonsmokers. If the patient does smoke, then they will be asked to quit prior to surgery, as smoking can negatively impact the patient’s results.

The only way to ultimately determine whether or not you can achieve your desired results with the Bellesoma breast lift is by coming in for a consultation with Dr. Brown in southern California*.

*results may vary

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“It is vitally important that patients choose a plastic surgeon who has the ability to truly understand the look that they want, yet also advises with an expert opinion and ensures that both parties have the same result in mind before the procedure*. Understanding and implementing these concepts is why Dr Brown is one of the top trusted plastic surgeons in the United States; he actively listens to his patients and consistently delivers attractive and natural results.”

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Bellesoma Mastopexy vs Traditional Mastopexy

In traditional breast lift surgery, the most common technique utilizes a visible anchor-shaped incision. The anchor incision consists of three separate incisions: one around the areola, one vertically connecting the areola and the breast crease on the front of the breast, and one along the under-breast crease, clinically known as the inframammary fold. Then, skin is removed and the incisions are brought together, shaping the new breast and lifting the nipple-areola complex*.

In the Bellesoma Method, there are no vertical incisions on the front of the breast, thus no unsightly visible scarring. The technique utilizes an incision around the areola, and an incision along the underside of the breast crease to create the new breast position*. The entire breast is re-located higher up on the chest, above the fold. Finally, a separate incision will be made higher up on the breast mound where the new nipple areola complex will be located.

bellesoma-methodExcess skin is removed from the lower portion of the breast and then new breast mounds are created using internal sutures securing them to the chest muscle. This provides a greater lift than is often accomplished with a traditional breast lift without the visible scar*.

Since the traditional breast lift operation focuses mainly on the lower portion of the breast, implants are usually required to achieve perkiness in the upper pole and cleavage area that is frequently desired. However, with the Bellesoma breast lift a new breast mound is created utilizing the patient’s own breast tissue guided by 3D modeling, to give a natural fullness to the upper poles without any implant necessary*.

Since the new breast mound is sutured into the pectoral chest muscle, this takes a lot of the weight and burden off of the neck, arms, and back. As a result, it greatly alleviates the pain and discomfort that patients may be dealing with in these areas*. With traditional breast lift procedures, only the skin surrounding the breast usually supports the weight. Therefore, back, neck, and shoulder issues may still remain*.

Finally, the way that the Bellesoma breast lift is performed with new breast mounds created and sutured onto the chest wall and without any implants or synthetic materials, the results will last longer than a traditional mastopexy*.

*results may vary


The Bellesoma Method always begins with a state-of-the-art 3D scan of the patient’s breasts. Then imaging software calculates the patient’s breast volume and measurements in order to create a surgical blueprint for the operation. This is typically performed during the patient’s pre-operative visit.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia. Dr. Brown will then take the following steps to leave breast lift patients with a perkier bust that they love*.


Before: The breasts suffer from ptosis. They may have a conical shape and the nipples may face downwards.


Phase 1: New breast mounds are created from the patient’s own tissue and are placed higher on the patient’s chest wall.


Phase 2: The breast mounds are attached to the chest muscle, removing the burden from the skin around the breasts, and, therefore, ensuring long lasting results*.


Phase 3: Sutures are placed in the breast crease and around the areola. This eliminates the need for unsightly vertical scarring on the breasts*.

Following the surgery, the patient is taken to the recovery room where they will wake up surrounded by our attentive and caring staff. Patients will not be able to drive themselves home. They should make arrangements for somebody else to drive them home prior to the day of operation. They should also make sure that another adult is available to spend the night with them for at least the first night after the procedure. We offer overnight professional nursing care as an additional service if desired. Dr. Brown will prescribe medication to help ease any discomfort following the procedure, which should be filled prior to surgery*.

*results may vary


Recovery for the Bellesoma breast lift is comparable to that of the traditional mastopexy. Patients will be properly bandaged and provided with a surgical bra. The surgical bra should be worn at all times, besides when showering, for the duration prescribed. It will help minimize bruising and swelling and make sure the breasts settle nicely into their final position*.

bellesoma-resultsPatients should plan on taking about 5-7 days off work in order to rest and recuperate. Although they will be able to return to work at this time, they should not do any heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks or longer. Patients will be instructed on some light exercises to perform in order to promote optimal recovery.

Patients will be asked to come in for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Brown at one of his two southern California locations. At this time, Dr. Brown will ensure that the patient is healing properly and that their results are as expected*.

*results may vary


A consultation is necessary in order for Dr. Brown to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for a breast lift by Bellesoma. In most cases, patients who would be good candidates for a standard breast lift procedure would also be good candidates for a Bellesoma breast lift.

In order to determine a patient’s candidacy, Dr. Brown will perform a physical exam, consider the patient’s medical history, and discuss any medications or supplements that the patient takes that could affect the procedure. If the patient is a good candidate, then Dr. Brown will work with the patient to develop a comprehensive surgical plan. This will entail using specially designed Bellesoma software to calculate the surgical dimensions for the breast lift. At the time of the consultation, Dr. Brown will also be able to provide the patient with an accurate price quote.

In order to start your journey towards a breast lift with no vertical scarring, contact Dr. Brown in La Jolla, Coronado or Del Mar to request a consultation!

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