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Our men’s procedures are all surgical solutions to cosmetic concerns that affect the modern man. From unwanted fat to under-defined contours to unwelcome wrinkles and fine lines, aging can take a toll on a man’s appearance. While diet and exercise alone can address these signs of aging, the results are oftentimes limited and underwhelming. To reverse signs of aging and help men achieve their desired physique, Dr. Daniel Brown has a list of male-centered procedures that sculpt away fat, create stronger definition, and smooth away wrinkles.

If you would like to learn more about which procedures you qualify for, schedule a personal consultation at our La Jolla offices. Here, Dr. Brown and his staff will configure a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. If you would like to reach our offices directly, please call us at (619) 461-1500.

About The Male Physique

Like it or not guys, we also have standards for our appearance– just like the girls. So, what does the ideal male look like? As for his physique, a lean body with well-defined muscle mass is typically the consensus.[1] A lean body consists of around 16% body fat.[2] For facial appearance, people tend to gravitate more toward strong, symmetrical features when deciding a man’s attractiveness.[3] Naturally, a man’s jawline and proportional features are more than just for looks – they are a symbol of strong genes. Sure, diet and exercise can help you lose weight but at the expense of time, energy, and patience. As for facial structure, we are at the mercy of our genetic code. So, what is the ideal physique? Whatever makes a man look and feel his absolute best. To bring out your ideal appearance, Dr. Brown has a collection of procedures to help any man exceed the standard. 

Collection of Procedures

For decades, the cosmetic surgery industry has been geared towards accentuating feminine contours. For example, some of the most popular procedures year after year are female breast procedures. Recently though, more men have become open to improving their appearance through simple cosmetic procedures. In fact, between 1997 and 2015, the cosmetic procedures performed on men went up 273%.[4] With growing interest, doctors and surgeons are shifting focus to include addressing the sex-specific conditions that only affect men. Dr. Brown’s list of procedures for men includes:

Male Breast Reduction

In a condition called gynecomastia, a man’s breast tissue swell due to an increased amount of estrogen and decreasing levels of testosterone and androgens.[5] This can happen during any period in his life where his hormones are unbalanced – typically during puberty or andropause. With this condition, many men are unaware of the fact that the swelling is not fat but rather glandular tissue. So, diet and exercise can’t address these swollen, feminine breasts. For these patients, Dr. Brown performs a male breast reduction surgery. In this simple procedure, Dr. Brown excises away the projecting tissue and sculpts more desirable pectorals. He camouflages the incision around the areola, so patients can enjoy no evidence of the procedure. 

Arm Liposuction

Curls and dips can build defined triceps and biceps, but what about the fatty tissue? Do these exercises help you lose fat around your arms? Simply put: No. Our body burns fat unevenly. Despite popular belief, there is no exercise to spot reduce fat. So, when diet and activity levels improve, our body may not burn the fat on our arms for fuel, but instead, pull fat from other areas. That’s why Dr. Brown performs arm liposuction. With arm liposuction, Dr. Brown uses advanced methods and technologies to suction away fat cells from the upper arm, allowing for more definition in each arm and better muscle definition. 


As we age, the skin and features on our face begin to sag, wrinkle, and crease. Early on, our only signs of aging may just be fine lines and wrinkles. But, when we’re older, features like our cheeks, brow, and neck can appear deflated. To correct these fallen features, Dr. Brown performs a facelift. This surgical procedure elevates facial features and smooths away wrinkles. With a discreet incision around the patient’s hairline, Dr. Brown reorients the features to a more youthful orientation. Once patients are fully healed, they are ready to enjoy a countenance that appears years younger!

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Eyelid rejuvenation, also known as a blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove lax, excess tissue around the eyes. As we get older, skin and fat around our eyes can interfere with our sight and cause us to look older than we are. During this procedure, Dr. Brown makes a small incision in the crease of the eyelid. Then, he removes the excess skin and fat, leaving behind smoother, younger-looking eyes.


Whether from age or after a weight loss journey, men often see loose skin under the chin and around their necks. This excess skin disguises contours and hides his jawline. A necklift is designed to pull this skin tight, smoothing away wrinkles and defining a stronger jawline.

Nose Reshaping

Our nose is the fulcrum of our facial appearance. It is the axis that defines our face’s symmetry – which we know is crucial for an attractive appearance. But many of us have uneven noses from birth or have broken them one too many times. With nose reshaping, Dr. Brown centers the nose and smooths down any irregularities. He can correct conditions like deviated septums and a high or low nasi radix. 

Contour Liposuction

After a weight loss journey, many patients still have unwanted fat in troublesome areas like their abdomen and flanks. Typically, this fat is subcutaneous and shrouds their hard-earned muscles. To sculpt away this thin layer of fat, Dr. Brown uses liposuction. A liposuction procedure involves an aspirating tube called a cannula that safely and gently strips away the unwanted fat cells, leaving behind skin that softly contours the muscles’. Once they have healed, patients see more muscularity and definition in their physiques.


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For those interested, please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Brown at either his offices in Carmel Valley, La Jolla, or Coronado. During this consultation, we will determine your eligibility for these procedures. Patients interested in anti-aging surgeries range in age. Dr. Brown helps older patients look years younger and younger patients retain their beauty for years to come. 

For body contouring procedures, we ask that patients be at a healthy stable weight. These procedures are only approved for patients with a healthy BMI score. If subsequent weight is gained, results will be diminished. 

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time with us, we’ll begin with a new patient intake interview and a physical examination. After examining signs of aging and your skin’s laxity, Dr. Brown will tailor a treatment plan to address your cosmetic concerns. We will give you a list of preparatory steps that will be unique to your procedure. More general guidelines include:

  • Avoid smoking as nicotine interrupts the body’s natural healing process.
  • Don’t take any blood thinners before your treatment. This leads to excessive bleeding.
  • Designate a caregiver to drive you home. Most of these procedures are performed under anesthesia, meaning you will not be fit to drive home. 
  • Pre-fill all necessary prescriptions.


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Depending on your treatment, you will have different recovery steps. We recommend all patients take the next week off to rest and recover. Many patients can go back to desk work a week after their procedure. If liposuction is in your treatment plan, Dr. Brown will wrap the treated area(s) in a compression garment. At your follow-up appointment, we will note where you are in the healing process and if any future steps are needed. 

How Much Do Men’s Procedures Cost in La Jolla?

The cost of your procedures will be based on your personalized treatment plan. We will discuss and determine the unique cost of your care during your consultation. If you’re interested in financing your care, check out our financing page. For those who want to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and information in the cosmetic surgery industry, visit our blog. If you have any questions, call our offices at (619) 461-1500.


Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

There are so many types of procedures to choose from. From anti-aging to body contouring, a board-certified plastic surgeon uses advanced techniques and technologies to help a man look and feel his best. Whether that be improving muscularity, diminishing fatty areas, or reversing the signs of aging, a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you discern if cosmetic surgery is right for you. 


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