Arm Liposuction for Men

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Arm liposuction is a way to sculpt your arms by removing stubborn, intractable fat to reveal the strong, lean musculature beneath. Embrace the future. Read Dr. Brown’s blog to learn more about his full arsenal of men’s body sculpting procedures.

Point the Way to More Chiseled Arms

It is a common misconception that liposuction is a shortcut to massive weight loss. In fact, the technique is not intended for overweight patients. Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure to supply shape and balance to the target area by artfully chiseling away intractable fat cells.[1] 

The cannula is a small, thin metal tube that gently aspirates fat cells from the arms on flowing streams of suction. 

Liposuction is an effective way to shape your upper arms in ways that no workout can. If there is only a very small amount of excess fat, liposuction alone will delineate your arms’ powerful architecture. Dr. Brown may recommend surgical excision of the overstretched extra skin in more extreme cases. 

Dr. Daniel Brown is one of San Diego’s premier plastic surgeons. His scholarly publications assert his medical aptitude. Dr. Brown’s personality profile is strong, yet compassionate. He knows the grace and power of the male form and he knows how to enhance it. Contact us and one of our attentive staff will set an ideal date for your private consultation. You can call 619.461.1500 or set up a Virtual Consultation, if you prefer.


Liposuction really works and the results can be amazing. This is especially true if you do not have a very large amount of fat. If you did have an excessive amount, liposuction would leave you with excess skin that would need to be removed surgically. Dr. Brown’s full suite of Body Contouring procedures will finish off fashioning your form so that you will be molded into greatness.There are no cookie-cutter shortcuts in plastic surgery. Liposuction is a customized procedure to bring out the best in you. The natural contours of your arms can express your powerful inner essence. Dr. Brown will design a treatment plan tailored to your healthcare needs and aesthetic goals.


Arm Liposuction Men San Diego CA

The “bat wings” under your arms won’t fly away by themselves. Bat wings are the result of lax skin and fat between your armpit and elbow.[2] Weight gain and age can increase the likelihood that you will develop these unsightly pockets of fat that hang like lazy summer hammocks from your upper torso. Worse yet, bat wings can be particularly resistant to the otherwise bountiful benefits of diet and exercise.  

Optimal candidates for the liposuction procedure are bothered by stubborn tracts of fat in inconvenient areas. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the procedure, but they are ready to take action. The procedure is equally beneficial to members of both genders. The masculine and feminine forms each present their own challenges and opportunities to Dr. Brown’s artistic acumen and surgical skill.   

Men retain their skin elasticity longer than women do, and the areas of fat beneath the skin tend to be firmer and more vascular than those in women. Because of these and other factors, liposuction in men is usually very effective. Men who have some loose, hanging skin, as well as areas of excess fat, may opt for a traditional excision procedure (surgical skin removal) in addition to liposuction. An excision may also be performed on gynecomastia patients whose breast enlargement results in excess skin.

Your Private Consultation with Dr. Daniel Brown

Privacy is one of the pillars of Dr. Draniel Brown’s medical philosophy. He is one of San Diego’s best, as his copious collection of awards and recognitions shall attest. Dr. Brown’s personality profile is warm and inviting. He is an effective listener and a trusted advisor who provides direct recommendations with a clear and caring communication style. All of this contributes to the overall atmosphere of his practice that will comfort you in the certainty that you have made the right decision. Contact us and one of our professional and attentive staff will set the perfect date for your private consultation. You can call 619.461.1500 or set up a Virtual Consultation, if you prefer.


Preparation is an important part of every surgery. The doctor shall provide you with a set of individualized instructions at your private consultation. These instructions may include filling any necessary prescriptions ahead of time. Make arrangements with your friends, family and your employer to excuse yourself from any conflicting obligations. Finally, you will need to arrange a ride home from a trusted companion on your surgery day. 


It’s our goal to help you to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Surgery Day” is an exciting time at Daniel Brown Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. This will be a positive experience and those butterflies verify that you are about to take an empowering step toward achieving the bulging biceps you’ve always wanted. After you don your medical gown, Dr. Brown will delineate the proper contours of your arms with a medical marker. Upon entry into our operating room, you will receive either a local or general anesthetic. Dr. Brown strategically removes the adipose fat tissue of your upper arms until he achieves the desired shape.[3] At the conclusion of your liposuction surgery, the doctor closes your incisions and applies the appropriate bandages.


Compression garments are a standard part of many liposuction procedures. For arm liposuction, Dr. Brown recommends a pair of elastic sleeves or a stretchy shirt. They will hold your skin and remaining fat tissue in place until the surgical site has adequately healed.[4] Medical grade compression garments can be found at many pharmacies or at medical equipment dealers online.

Your pain medication should help you through any initial discomfort during your first week of recovery. After that, ibuprofen will do. Avoid strenuous activity and vigorous arm exercise during these preliminary weeks of your recovery. And be sure to keep all of your follow-up appointments.   

How Much Does Arm Lipo for Men Cost in San Diego?

Dr. Brown will get your complete background at your private consultation. Because aesthetic procedures are custom to the individual, the doctor must first conduct a physical examination. During your intake interview, you will be able to communicate your vision to Dr. Brown. Together, the two of you shall devise an aesthetic strategy that is tailored to you. At the conclusion of your consultation, Dr. Brown will quote you an accurate cost estimate.    Contact us to set a date for your private consultation. You can call 619.461.1500 with any questions or set up a Virtual Consultation, if you prefer.


How can women benefit from liposuction?

For his female patients, Dr. Brown is careful to remove excess bulges while being mindful to preserve the smooth lines and alluring curves that contribute so significantly to the feminine form. There are many “magic tricks” and clever instances of crafty misdirection in aesthetic surgery. Dr. Brown knows all the secrets. By removing the extra fat around buttocks and breast—like the thighs, flanks and abdomen—Dr. Brown will trim down your silhouette while drawing more attention to your sensually sculpted assets. 

Can liposuction help you lose weight?

Liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss. The procedure will carve the contours of your body, revealing muscle while emphasizing your essential beauty. It is not safe or recommended to remove high volumes of fat from the body through liposuction. The reality is that most patients only lose about two to five pounds in total. The best candidates, in fact, are generally within 30 pounds of a healthy weight range and have localized fat pockets they would like to reduce.

How long does arm lipo take to heal?

You should avoid strenuous activity for up to four weeks, although walking and general movement should not be a problem in most cases. If you notice any problems during your recovery, such as signs of a possible infection (for example, increasing swelling, redness or pain), contact your doctor or surgeon for advice.
Does fat come back after lipo?
Once the fat is removed from an area, it does not grow back. The fat cells that remain can get bigger with weight gain. Because there are fewer fat cells in the treated area (as compared to before the procedure), other areas of your body that were not treated may appear to increase in size.


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