Lift + Augmentation

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Breasts may sag following pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, with age, or as a result of a family predisposition. As the breasts droop, volume may be lost, the skin surrounding the breasts stretches, and the breast loses its shape and position.

The Breast Lift (or mastopexy) procedure restores the breast to its proper position on the chest, tightens the skin, and restores the nipple and areola to a more youthful and pleasing position and size. Occasionally, a breast “lift” can be achieved by restoring volume alone (breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty), although when true repositioning of the breast is required, a breast lift will restore the tone, shape, and youthful contour you desire, and can be combined with an augmentation in select cases for a fuller, perkier breast.

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Breast Lift Procedure Stats

Procedure Length: 3 to 4 hours, Return to work: 4 to 7 days, Return to Exercise: 10 days (light cardio), 3 weeks (more strenuous), Ideal Candidate: maintains stable weight.


Breast Lifts/Incisions: Periareolar Incision – at outer border of areola, Vertical Incision (Lollipop incision) – Incisions outlining the areola and extending straight down, and Anchor Incision (keyhole pattern) – Incisions outlining the areola, extending straight down and across the breast fold
Related Procedures: Can be combined with implant augmentation for those desiring more volume and fullness.