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5.0 stars – based on 30 reviews

From day one I felt valued and deeply cared for

5.0 stars – Written on August 3, 2016 Thank you so much for everything you did to make my first surgery effortless, stress free and comfortable. From day one I felt valued and deeply cared for, and you answered all my questions with professionalism and patience. I absolutely love the results of my breast enhancement. It’s exactly what I wanted for my shape and size, and it was worth every penny! I wish you all the best in your future and thank you again for a great experience! BREAST AUGMENTATION   by H.K. San Diego, CA

I love the results of my augmentation

5.0 stars – Written on July 28, 2016 I had lived with a very small bust my whole life, and breastfeeding for almost 2 years did nothing for their appearance. Although I consulted with numerous surgeons close to my home, none of them impressed me. Then I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Brown, and although it meant flying from NJ to CA, I decided it was worth it to make the trip. Other surgeons I had spoken with either talked down to me or had me deal almost exclusively with their coordinators, rather than answer my questions directly. Dr. Brown was always the for any questions I had, and I felt as though his vision for my procedure was in line with exactly what I wanted to achieve. I am now 3 weeks post-op and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My recovery was very quick and easy, giving me time to enjoy the majority of my trip to San Diego and my amazing results that much sooner. Dr. Brown helped me achieve my goal of beautiful, natural-looking breasts that suit my body perfectly. In addition, everyone that I dealt with at his office was equally caring and competent. I love the results of my augmentation and would highly recommend Dr. Brown. BREAST AUGMENTATION   by J.T. – Temecula, CA

You are amazing

5.0 stars – Written on July 14, 2016 I got breast implants done by Dr. Brown and I am very pleased. His staff was always very courteous and friendly. They went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. The Dr. was very easy to talk to and very professional as well. After my surgery, I had no bruising at all!!! and I felt great after just a few days. My breasts look perfect and everyone who knows what they looked like before and after all say the same thing. I would definitely recommend Dr. Brown to everyone. Thank you so much Dr. Brown, you are amazing. 🙂 BREAST AUGMENTATION   by E.N. – Los Angeles, CA

I will HIGHLY recommend him to all my friends

5.0 stars – Written on June 18, 2016 I just recently had my implants done by Dr. Brown today it will be exactly 6 days after the procedure. I really wanted to get my implants done but I was also very concern to be going under general anesthesia. I felt so comfortable after talking to Dr. Brown and Christina that I decided to proceed to schedule my surgical procedure. Even the day of the procedure the staff there were very nice. I’m very happy with the outcome I have no pain at all and started work 2 days after the procedure. I will HIGHLY recommend him to all my friends and family members. Don’t waste (sic) your time with any (sic) other surgeon. Pick up the phone and call him. Great staff by the way they are very caring and professional. BREAST AUGMENTATION   by M.H. – Chula Vista, CA

I am very pleased with my boobs!

5.0 stars – Written on May 16, 2016 Geeessssss!!!!!! This is like announcing that I have a boob job! :0
 Oh well! Its %100 worth giving credit where credit is due! If your looking for a Doctor who is personable and caring and does great work. You just found him! I thought about getting a boob job since I had my son. Which was 16 years ago!!!
I figured since he’s out of high school in a year and I am approaching the young age of 35;) That its time!
So I blocked my schedule for the date I had picked and went on a hunt for the right Doc. I think I did what most of us do. I got referrals from all my girls with knockers and then I looked on line for a few more. I actually found Dr. Brown on Yelp. He was my last appointment out of 6. I had already made a list of who I thought was going to be my number 1,2 and 3 based off of before and afters, reviews and referrals. Dr. Brown was the last on the list. I had nothing on him other then Yelp! 
So off I went for my consults. Awkward!!! I don’t think you ever get used to having someone other then your significant other examining your chest. Number one was a total bummer. When I mentioned who sent me they said “oh, that girl. The one who’s tits turned out super far apart!!!” :*…..I couldn’t hear anything else they said. 
Then one Doc told me I needed a lift and an implant. The anchor lift! They said that was the only option for me. I even asked if there was any other lift that could be done. —knowing my GF who saw him had had a nipple lift. Or whatever they call that. Doc said ” no that’s the only option.” I asked how come I couldn’t have the same lift my GF had from him. He then said” Oh,, I forgot about that. That would be a good option for you”. What?!?! Only because it cost another G! Lost me! Anyway on I went to all the top rated places in this city. 
By the time I got to Dr. Brown I was beat! I just thought I’d go through the motions and get out. First of all don’t let the office fool you. After having visited a few more plush places I was a little taken back by the place. Not because it was dirty. Just because it was sort of old school with a few other things going on. I was a little confused???
Then I met the Dr.Brown who was way younger then anyone else I’d met, which made me wonder how many years he had under his belt. The thing I liked right away was that he didn’t have a sales pitch like the other doctors. I felt like he saw me as a person and not another piece of meat. He was confident that I didn’t need a lift either. Which was huge to me. I knew then and there that I had met my Doc. I booked for his next available right away. 
The next few days I started to get cold feet. I was second guessing my choice to go with Dr. Brown because I couldn’t find a lot of reviews or before and afters of his work on line. Etc… Well I’m now three weeks post op. and I have to say I am very pleased with my boobs! He spent extra time in the OR making sure I was just right. I had a relatively easy recovery. Swelling was gone after the first week and I had no bruising. He made them exactly the size I was going for based off of a photo of my goal I had given him. I am very happy! I would recommend Dr. Brown to all my GF’s and clients. He’s the bomb!
Now I just need to get used to this new rack! It’s a whole new circumference!! I keep banging into stuff. It’s like going from normal to 9 months pregnant all at once! OK that’s cause I”m a D. What!!! Funny thing is I thought I would have to explain this to each one of my clients. No one has caught on though! I guess my little frame can pull this off. Lol!!!! By the way he has great before and afters. Just ask him when your there. Also on top of being super amazing his prices are competitive! BREAST AUGMENTATION   by C.D. – San Diego, CA

I’m definitely sticking with him from now on!

5.0 stars – Written on April 9, 2016 Awesome! Dr. Brown not only provides free consultations, but he takes the time to sit and talk with you, and he makes sure you get the best results possible. Friendly, professional, and willing to work within your budget, Dr. Brown is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get cosmetic/plastic surgery done in the greater San Diego area.
He made me feel so welcome, and took care of my every need. I’m definitely sticking with him from now on!
Recommend to all 🙂 BREAST AUGMENTATION   by A.B. – Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Brown is such an amazing person!

5.0 stars – Written on March 26, 2016 Dr. Brown is such an amazing person! I am so glad he made the choice to become a plastic surgeon. What he did for me completely changed my life. I hope he understands how much. I am 33. Never have I felt comfortable wearing a swimsuit, having sex or and never in my life could I show off my breast for Mardi Gras. I have Poland Syndrome, which is characterized by an underdeveloped or absent chest muscle on one side of the body, absence of the breastbone portion (sternal) of the chest muscle. So I always had a size D on one side and an A on the other. Thanks to Dr. Brown and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO I had NO COST and my approval happened so fast I have two new beautiful size D’s I can show off anytime I like! Not that I will, but I am just so excited. Being a woman you can imagine the issues this has caused me emotionally my whole life. I believe that Dr. Brown really did care and was compassionate about my condition. He is a perfectionist and would recommend him to anyone! I plan to use him and only him in the future for anything else I might ever need to have done. Thank you Dr. Brown for being who you are and choosing a field where you improve the lives of others. BREAST LIFT + AUGMENTATION AND RECONSTRUCTION   by H.J. – Imperial Beach, CA

He made me feel so comfortable

5.0 stars – Written on February 24, 2016 Dr. Brown did my breast reduction surgery and he was amazing! He made me feel so comfortable and his whole staff was very friendly and accommodating. My surgery went very smoothly with no problems and recovery was great! I had minimal pain and my scars healed up so nicely. Dr. Brown did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best! BREAST REDUCTION   by C.D. – La Jolla, CA

Don’t waste your time researching and browsing the internet.

5.0 stars – Written on January 4, 2016 First of all, I am a real patient with real concerns and everything that comes with a plastic surgery like the fear and the curiosity and the skepticism. I am almost a foreigner so I am writing this review only to give an idea to you about how perfect he is. Yes he is perfect and he is a perfectionist. These are two different things and he is both! He was the first doctor I went to consult about my case and I didn’t want to see any other doctor since I knew I would only trust my life with him. He listens to you, makes every effort possible to calm you down and put you at ease so that you feel as confident as he does. I am a very quick decision maker. I am a yes or no person, I don’t like to dig in to justify my first impressions. I told him right away that I am not window shopping for my health. I know how difficult it is to recommend a doctor especially if it involves an operation room but please take my words seriously: He is the best in town! maybe in the country. He deserves it and I will put all my effort to say he does. It is not easy to combine all aspects of a profession like his and it is not cheap either. This gentleman probably spent his most precious years studying and now it will only get better after where he is right now. 
Please don’t look any further. Don’t waste your time researching and browsing the internet. 
He is a top notch, excellent, very proficient surgeon with a very down to earth personality. I am thrilled to have known him and yes I take pride in my decision to have put my life in his hands. 
Lastly, I must mention about his team as well. His assistants, nurses, colleagues he works with in the OR. They are chosen only to add positiveness to the whole experience. Thank you Dr. Brown. 
It’s an honor to be your patient. BREAST REDUCTION   by H.J. – Imperial Beach, CA

My results were SO MUCH MORE than I ever expected from my procedure.

5.0 stars – Written on December 27, 2015 I received a breast reduction from Dr. Brown. I was so impressed with his professionalism and confidence that it gave me the reassurance I needed for undergoing such an invasive surgery. After so much research, I knew he was the doctor for me. My results were SO MUCH MORE than I ever expected from my procedure. I HIGHLY recommend this man for any cosmetic procedure you’re considering!! He is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I literally cant say enough good things about this Doctor!!! Ive already recommended TWO friends and they are extremely satisfied!! His staff are just as top notch!! They literally helped me though all the insurance headache and I could’t have had this done without his staff! Christina was absolutely fabulous to work with! Thank you Dr. Brown and staff! BREAST REDUCTION   by J.P. – Coronado, CA

Especially helpful with military!

5.0 stars – Written on November 1, 2015 Dr. Brown was highly recommended to me when I was first considering cosmetic surgery. I did my procedure back in January of 2011 and Dr Brown and his staff were extremely friendly and helped me get exactly what I needed. Since then I have had a major boost in my self confidence and truly happy about something that has bothered me for years (gynecomastia). Big thanks to him and his staff and I have already recommended him to everyone I know considering surgery. Especially helpful with military! GYNECOMASTIA CORRECTION   by A.R. – San Diego, CA

Best plastic surgeon in California!

5.0 stars – Written on October 11, 2015 Best plastic surgeon in California! Has immeasurable compassion and infinite professionalism. He has reconstructed my whole life. TUMMY TUCK   by S.N. – Escondido, CA

I have the best PS ever!

5.0 stars – Written on September 29, 2015 I have the best PS ever! I called the office with my (tummy tuck) concerns (it’s 6pm here) and left a message. Not even 5 minutes later he called me on his personal cell and explained to me what’s going on and addressed all my questions and concerns. If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for a PS I highly suggest Dr. Daniel J. Brown. Not only is he nice his staff are too!” TUMMY TUCK   by C.R. – Redwood, CA

Best overall surgeon!

5.0 stars – Written on August 22, 2015 Best overall surgeon! What he has done for my partner is nothing less than awesome! Best attitude. Professional and best Dr. for breast cancer patients. His technique, other surgeons call him the county expert. Great staff. TUMMY TUCK & ABDOMINAL RECONSTRUCTION   by R.D. – Winchester, CA

He’s a 10.

5.0 stars – Written on July 5, 2015 Dr Brown gave me a mommy makeover that I have been thinking about for 3 years. In the three years I was considering the procedure I had done a lot of research. I even went to a couple of doctors and left feeling like this was something I would never do. Then I met Dr Brown! He was the most compassionate plastic surgeon I had met and erased all of my fears. In my opinion one of the highest compliments I can give him is that he wasn’t one of those doctors with a big ego! That’s not something a person can fake and he seems to be so humble, yet is so talented. My results are amazing and I can truly say that he is an artist! I will refer all of my friends who are also looking for mommy makeovers. He’s a 10. MOMMY MAKEOVER   by B.B. – Carlsbad, CA

Heaven knows we need more physicians like him

5.0 stars – Written on June 27, 2015 Dr. Brown is across the board one of the best medical providers I have encountered in the last several years. He is a welcome addition to San Diego and heaven knows we need more physicians like him that actually care and aren’t a part of the HMO “monster” that has literally decimated all elements of health care over the last twenty years. Especially as it pertains to patient care, availability of appointments and accessibility to needed treatments and services. I was referred to Dr. Brown by a friend who insisted that I see him. I have a scar that has needed revision for more years than I care to recall and I felt it was time to finally investigate the possibilities of what could be done at my tender young age (ha ha)…. At first I felt going to Dr. Brown would be a big sales pitch for all the procedures that folks my age (46) are seeking or need (Botox anyone?) which has prevented me from actually seeking consultation with a surgeon that specializes in this area of medicine. 

 Well low and behold there is surgeon who is a specialist in cosmetic surgery that doesn’t have an attitude, exhibits a high level of intellectualism and knowledge in his area and who treats his patients as patients…not some number that needs to be met or someone who is cutting into their HMO formula (oops your ten minutes are up, you’re out of here..sorry I was six minutes late getting in here says the HMO Doc). Dr. Brown did a thorough consultation with me, explained the benefits of what my procedure would entail and was an all around pleasant individual, let alone physician to be around. Funny thing is I even inquired about those types of procedures that people my age (and younger) like to have that preserve their youth and all I am going to say is that I am intrigued and if I were to have such a procedure Dr. Brown would be the only person I would EVER let or trust facilitate such procedures. His office staff is friendly and the service is exceptional. You are really made to feel welcome and you especially are made to feel safe so that an open and honest dialogue can be had and a treatment plan can be made to fit your individual needs. I say if something is going to make you feel better about yourself then do it!!!! Forget about the haters or the people who have other opinions about aging and what should or shouldn’t be done. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND THE FIRST STEP IN THAT PROCESS IS GOING TO SEE DR. BROWN!!!! BODY CONTOURING   by B.G. – San Diego, CA

Dr. Brown took the time to explain the procedure, recovery, and expectations.

5.0 stars – Written on May 19, 2015 I was nervous when I finally decided to get liposuction, but Dr. Brown put me at ease. I had plenty of time to talk with him about my goals, and the procedure, and the results thus far have been amazing. I can’t wait to be out of this compression garment and in a bathing suit! Getting an hour to set down and talk with the doctor about what you’re exact wants/needs are was really nice. The medical assistant was super professional, and answered any questions I had from the start. Dr. Brown took the time to explain the procedure, recovery, and expectations. After surgery I had a question regarding what exactly I could return to exercise wise (I take Pilates and weight training courses) so I sent his office an email. I was shocked by how fast Dr. Brown himself replied! He broke down all of the different workouts I like to do, into a time frame in which I would be cleared to do them. I also got a prescription for Retin-A, and purchased some more Latisse. (I’ve used Latisse for a while, but was happy to buy it from Dr. Brown!) The Retin-A was interesting at first, I peeled just like Dr. Brown said I would, but now my skin is glowing! I’ll definitely be using this product for a long time to come. LIPOSUCTION   by C.W. – Coronado, CA

I cannot wait to go back to Dr. Brown!!!

5.0 stars – Written on April 25, 2015 Dr. Brown was my first plastic surgeon. I was really nervously before coming in. I had researched and researched doctors. He was the first one that I visited. And he was amazing from the time I met him till my last check up. It’s been over 7 months since I’ve gotten lipo. I feel like he did such an amazing job. I’m no longer in California, but when I do decide to get anything else done, I’ll be coming to this beautiful island to make sure he works on me. His receptionists are also incredibly nice. They all truly make you feel welcomed! So even though I’m all the way in Florida, I cannot wait to go back to Dr. Brown!!! Thank you guys for being so wonderful!!!! LIPOSUCTION   by S.C. – Miami, FL

I would go back and keep going back!

5.0 stars – Written on March 30, 2015 I went to visit Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff to get some work done on my abdomen. I was so nervous when I first went in, but they were all very friendly and immediately put me at ease. The work that I had done turned out very well! He is very professional and won’t let you get anything that he doesn’t think will look good in the long run or isn’t safe. I have recommended him to two of my friends and they both have set up appointments and dates to have their surgeries! If I wasn’t moving to another state in less than a month, I would go back and keep going back! LIPOSUCTION   by L.A. – Chula Vista, CA

Dr. Daniel Brown is the best

5.0 stars – Written on February 9, 2015 Dr. Daniel Brown is the best and has given me a second chance at actually getting results I can see through liposuction after all these years of working out at the gym. My partner is now scheduling a procedure with Dr. Brown as well. Thank you Dr. Brown. LIPOSUCTION   by B.W. – Palm Springs, CA

Best Surgeon ever!

5.0 stars – Written on January 4, 2015 Best Surgeon ever! Love my rhinoplasty results, if I were to consider any other surgery I would use him! I have referred him to many friends and family. RHINOPLASTY   by L.C. – San Diego, CA

Dr. Brown has given me the most beautiful new nose

5.0 stars – Written on December 20, 2014 It wasn’t a recent decision that I wanted to get a rhinoplasty, I had always been uncomfortable with my nose. It’s not that it was particularly awful, I just never thought it suited myself, or my face. Only recently though, has actually doing this procedure become more real, when I knew I wouldn’t JUST be thinking about it anymore, I knew I was going to do it. 

So I looked into doctors, found Dr. Browns page rather quickly and decided I would have to meet with him after reading his extensive qualifications (I also liked his private life section, he’s a huge animal lover!). Now, I’m someone who needs to research reviews on an eyeshadow for a week before buying it, so I figured I’d be seeing 100 different surgeons about this. But the first time I met Dr. Brown, and his incredible nurse Liz, I knew I wouldn’t have to see anyone else. We all three connected and they completely understood all my goals I had in mind for my nose. They made all the stupid ways I described my ideas for this surgery : “take off the bump and make the tip look less..ball-ish” sound like..well, exactly what I had in mind. I felt at ease here, something I did not expect to feel at any Dr’s office. Dr. Brown has given me the most beautiful new nose, swelling is still going down *as it does for about a year after rhinoplasty* but It is already exactly what I had wanted. He shaved down my hump, removed some cartilage from the tip of my nose to slender it out and lifted the tip so it is slightly perkier. My new nose fits my face and myself perfectly, it is so much softer looking and makes my eyes look larger. 

Go and see Dr. Brown if you have any cosmetic surgery desires, consultations are free and so are follow up appointments after the surgery!! He truly cares about his patients comfort and happiness with their result!

Thank you Dr. Brown! RHINOPLASTY   by L.V. – Oceanside, CA

They really made me feel at home

5.0 stars – Written on November 10, 2014 I had my first visit with Dr. Brown today. The ladies at the front desk were so welcoming and nice. They really made me feel at home. The assistant explained to me the procedure and was both helpful and supportive when I asked questions. Dr. Brown is very gentle and takes his time. I felt like I was the only patient there today. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone who would like to look terrific! BOTOX   by M.T. – Capistrano Beach, CA

Dr. Brown puts me at ease

5.0 stars – Written on October 28, 2014 I’ve been to several doctors and Dr. Brown puts me at ease. I am comfortable with him and the results I’ve experienced while working with him are the best. 

He is a plastic surgeon, he knows what the procedures he offers can and can’t do. I never feel like I am being sold anything. He’s expensive but quality usually is and there are others who charge more so know that you aren’t being taken for the most expensive ride out there. Now I just need to make another appointment. BOTOX   by J.C. – Coronado, CA

Staff was excellent!!!

5.0 stars – Written on September 6, 2014 Wicked comfy, complimentary cream, looking forward to the free touch up!!! Loved that he took the time to explain things and answer questions, which was great, didn’t feel rushed!… staff was excellent!!! BOTOX   by J.T. – Oakdale, CT

Dr. Brown is an awesome doctor.

5.0 stars – Written on August 22, 2014 Dr. Brown is an awesome doctor. He is very thorough and I do not have one complaint. Always makes time for his patients as well! BOTOX & SKIN CARE TREATMENT   by C.C. – San Diego, CA

The results are amazing

5.0 stars – Written on July 2, 2014 Dr. Brown keeps me looking as young as I feel with just the right amount of Botox and fillers. The results are amazing, and they last for several months. Dr. Brown is a skilled surgeon with an incredible staff. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else! I also got the “miracle” cream at my last visit and I have never had such amazing results in such a short amount of time! BOTOX AND JUVEDERM   by B.S. – Coronado, CA

I love him!

5.0 stars – Written on June 12, 2014 He has been my doctor for over 4 years and I love him! LASER RESURFACING   by A.K. – San Diego, CA

Wow! I am very pleased with the results.

5.0 stars – Written on May 8, 2014 It’s been 10 Days since I started applying A “Miracle” Cream prescribed by Dr. Brown. Most if not all the spots on my face have disappeared. Wow! I am very pleased with the results. He was very quick to determine what would work best for me! His staff was very professional and straightforward with what he thinks. He did not try to sell me anything other than what I was there for. I am certain that within a week I should be close to the 100% clear of spots and very satisfied with what I see. The best decision I have every made to visit Dr. Brown. Thank you so much! I feel so much better on how I look. SKIN CARE TREATMENT   by R.P. – San Diego, CA

The results were great

5.0 stars – Written on April 15, 2014 I was referred to Dr. Brown by a friend, I wanted treatment for spots on my face that were not going away. Dr. Brown’s consultation was very thorough and professional, he listened to all of my concerns and then suggested a cream that within days was noticeably working. The results were great and the experience very professional and courteous. SKIN CARE TREATMENT AND CANCER EXCISION   by M.R. – Jamul, CA