Laser Resurfacing

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Resurface Your Skin to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Laser Resurfacing

Fractionated CO2 laser is a skin resurfacing treatment that rejuvenates the face. The powerful ablative laser delivers precise energy to the skin. It creates microscopic channels that promote regeneration and rapid healing. Laser resurfacing can brighten and rejuvenate the face. The procedure treats fine lines, medium-depth wrinkles and dark spots while bringing greater balance to your complexion. 

Rediscover Your Youthful Luster

Time is a sneaky thief because it will inevitably rob you of the radiance of youth. As the years pass your skin can collect many unwanted blemishes that diminish your fresh-faced appearance. Too much sun exposure causes sunspots. Acne and chickenpox can scar the skin. Age and genetics can increase uneven pigmentation and discoloration. Fortunately, modern technology provides us with the tools to restore your brilliance

Laser resurfacing is a skin treatment to improve the texture of your skin. Most commonly performed on the face, this treatment can also be used on the neck and chest to enhance the quality of skin. CO2 laser resurfacing emits strong light pulses that work to improve hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scarring, skin laxity and irregular skin texture.

Do you want to rediscover your youthful luster?

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About Laser Resurfacing

The fractionated CO2 laser is an ablative device. Ablative lasers refresh the skin by eliminating damaged elements in the outer layers. It also stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which boosts collagen and elastin production in the treatment area. The increased collagen and elastin offer long-lasting skin support.[1] 

At Daniel Brown Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we will provide you with excellent service and care to bring about an optimal outcome. 

Here in bright, sunny, Southern California, laser skin resurfacing is best performed in the autumn. That’s because, during your recovery, it will be crucial to avoid direct, intense sunlight. We all know how difficult it is to avoid the sun in our mild, Mediterranean-style climate. So, most aestheticians will recommend ablative laser treatments for the fall or winter, if at all possible.[2]


This fast treatment will leave your skin looking fresh and young.

Laser resurfacing provides many benefits, including acne scar removal, skin tightening and brightening. Our satisfied patients say they love their smoother, more evenly toned skin. You can look and feel younger after a single treatment!

Laser Resurfacing San Diego

Most people choose laser resurfacing to improve sagging skin. The laser’s electromagnetic beam will improve and boost collagen levels. Collagen is a protein found in the skin that helps enhance its firmness. Collagen acts as a scaffold that helps make skin smooth and supple. 

As we all get older, our collagen levels dramatically decrease, resulting in irregular surfaces and droopy skin. Laser resurfacing is an excellent treatment for people who are concerned about scarring, lax skin or irregular texture.

Most patients need a few treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic, but just one laser resurfacing session can provide incredible results! Laser resurfacing does not take very long and is often completed in less than an hour.

Brighten Your Look with Laser Resurfacing

  • Reduces sun damage 
  • Improves discoloration and uneven pigmentation
  • Tighten large pores
  • Infuses skin tone with a more youthful glow
  • Improves the skin’s texture resulting in softer skin
  • Produces visible results with one or two treatments
  • Offers enduring outcomes

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates want to correct sun damage, hyperpigmentation, shallow acne or chickenpox scars. Laser skin resurfacing can also reduce freckles and redness, refresh skin tone and treat fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure is great for both men and women who would like to improve the quality of their skin.

Is Laser Resurfacing for Everybody?

Some conditions might disqualify a candidate from receiving laser skin resurfacing. The procedure may not be a great option for darker skin shades, which is why it is important to schedule a consultation and get a professional’s opinion on whether or not laser resurfacing techniques will provide your best results.[3] If you have an active acne flare-up, please postpone your resurfacing session. Patients that are susceptible to cold sores might not be suited for laser treatments. 

If you are unhappy with your skin’s current condition because of stubborn scarring, pigmentation, spots or large pores that do not go away, it may be time to consider laser resurfacing. Make sure to discuss your medical history and any chronic conditions with Dr. Daniel Brown during your initial consultation. 

Your Personal Consultation in San Diego, California

During your confidential consultation at Daniel Brown Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, one of our amazing aestheticians will assess your skin. They will ask about your skincare routine, current medications and past treatments. They may also inquire about any allergies you have. Together, you and your aesthetician will create a treatment plan that is personalized to your skin. The aesthetician may suggest an alternative or additional treatment to provide the best results.

During your consultation, we recommend that you ask any questions you may have. Below, we’ve listed some great examples to help stimulate constructive conversation and get you started.

Conversation Starters for Your Personal Consultation

  • How much time should I take off from work?
  • Will the treatment be uncomfortable?
  • What anesthetic options do I have?
  • When will I be able to see results?
  • When can I wear makeup after the treatment?

Write down these questions or any other questions and concerns you may have and bring them to the consultation.

Careful Preparation

Please avoid tanning salons and excessive sun exposure for at least four weeks before your laser skin resurfacing treatment. If you have to venture out under the sun, wear high SPF sunblock to protect your skin. 

You should also avoid other abrasive facial treatments, such as chemical peels or dermabrasion, for at least four weeks before your laser resurfacing session. You will also need to stop smoking and taking blood-thinning medications. These products can dry out your skin or influence your blood circulation. 

On the day of your treatment, don’t wear any makeup!

Simple Procedure

When you arrive for your appointment, our attentive aestheticians will cleanse your skin before applying a gentle numbing agent to the surface. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the aesthetician will begin the treatment. 

Laser Resurfacing San Diego

The hand-held laser device will be applied to your treatment areas. The device emits strong pulses of light. The heat from the light penetrates the epidermis and exfoliates the outer layers of old skin. The treatment will take about forty-five minutes, after which the aesthetician will apply a soothing, healing cream. 

You can return home and begin your recovery immediately afterward.

Healthy Recovery

Patients should expect some discomfort after the treatment. It might feel akin to a sunburn. Patients should also prepare for some swelling and redness for a few days. The swelling should go down within a week. Keep the treated area hydrated by applying moisturizing cream recommended by Dr. Brown’s office. A cold compress can help alleviate the sunburned feeling. Patients should also avoid sleeping on the treated area for around a week. They should refrain from excessive sun exposure until their skin has completely recovered from the laser treatments.

Noticeable Results

You will be able to see your results after a few days. Your skin will feel tight and, as swelling diminishes, you will begin to see your impressive results. Your skin will appear smoother and more evenly toned. You should see a healthy glow return to your face. Most patients require a few appointments to ensure optimal results.

Complementary Procedures 

If wrinkles and creases in the upper face are a concern, then Dr. Brown and his team might recommend Botox Cosmetic.

Botox is a neuromodulator that prevents wrinkle formation by interrupting the neurological process that causes facial muscles to tense up. Tense facial muscles cause many of the common wrinkles that people wish to eliminate.

How Much Does Laser Resurfacing Cost in the San Diego Area?

Facial rejuvenation costs will vary based on the condition of your skin and the number of treatments needed to bring about your desired outcome. Please contact us to inquire about scheduling your personalized, comprehensive evaluation. Call (619) 461-1500 to speak directly with one of our helpful representatives.


How does it take to heal from laser skin resurfacing?

The initial discomfort, redness and swelling should subside within two weeks. The complete healing process usually takes approximately one month, which is when the final results will be visible.


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