Laser Resurfacing

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laser skin resurfacingFractionated CO2 laser is a fractionally ablative laser which delivers energy to the skin creating microscopic channels which leave the remainder of the skin intact, allowing rapid healing of the microscopic channels.   This laser can brighten and rejuvenate the facial skin, treating fine and medium depth wrinkles and dark spots, while bringing greater balance to skin tone and coloration.  Depending on your specific need, the depth of the laser penetration can be specifically tailored for your skin issues during your consultation with Dr. Brown.  The treatment usually takes less than 45 minutes and has 5-7 day down-time.

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About Laser Resurfacing

At Daniel Brown Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we will provide you with excellent service and care to bring about your best outcome!

Laser resurfacing is a skin treatment to improve the texture of your skin. Most commonly performed on the face, this treatment can also be performed on the neck and chest to improve the quality of the skin. CO2 Laser resurfacing emits strong light pulses that work to improve freckles, spots, lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, uneven skin coloration, skin laxity, irregular skin texture, and dull skin.

This treatment is often performed in the fall. During your recovery, it will be crucial to avoid direct sunlight. It is difficult to avoid the sun depending on where you live and most aestheticians will recommend ablative laser treatments to be performed in the fall or winter.


This fast treatment will leave your skin looking fresh and young!

Laser resurfacing provides many benefits including acne scar removal, tighter skin, brightened skin, and smoother, more evenly toned skin. You can look and feel younger after a single treatment!

A top reason people choose laser resurfacing is for improving lax skin. The heat of the laser will improve and boost collagen levels. Collagen is a protein found in the skin that helps to improve the firmness of the skin. Collagen acts as a scaffold to hold the skin up and help make it smooth and thick. Decreases in collagen can result in irregular surfaces and droopy skin.

Laser resurfacing provides excellent treatment for people who are concerned about scarring, lax skin, and irregular skin texture.

Most patients need a few treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic but one treatment will provide incredible results! Laser resurfacing does not take very long and is often completed in less than an hour.


This procedure is great for both men and women who would like to improve the quality of their skin. Laser resurfacing may not be a great option for darker skin shades, which is why it is important to schedule a consultation to get a professional’s opinion on whether or not laser resurfacing techniques will provide your best results.

If you are unhappy with your skin’s current condition or have stubborn scarring, pigmentation, spots, or large pores that do not go away, it may be time to consider laser resurfacing.

Consultation with San Diego Skin Rejuvenation Expert

During your private meeting with one of our aestheticians, they will assess your skin and ask about your current medications, past treatments, skincare routine, and allergies. You will have the opportunity to express your concerns and how you would like your skin to appear. Together, you and the aesthetician will create a treatment plan that is personalized to your skin and your skin goal. The aesthetician may suggest an alternative or additional solution to provide your best results.

The aesthetician will then discuss the details of the procedure, potential risks, and expected outcome. They will walk you through the steps to take to prepare for the treatment and recovery. During your consultation, we recommend you ask questions and voice any concerns you have.

Some great questions to get you started and help stimulate new questions are listed below.

  • How much time should I get off from work?
  • Will the treatment be uncomfortable?
  • What anesthetic options do I have?
  • When will I be able to see results?
  • When can I wear makeup after the treatment?

Write down these questions or any other questions and concerns that you may have and bring them to the consultation.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the procedure with one of our talented and well-experienced aestheticians. Our goal is for our patients to leave their consultation informed and confident in their treatment choice. If you have any other questions please give our office a call!


You will also need to stop smoking and taking blood thinning medications. These products can dry out your skin or influence your blood circulation.

Prior to your appointment, you will want to take a few steps to ensure your skin is healthy and you have a positive experience. In the days leading up to the fractional laser resurfacing treatment, you will want to avoid active ingredient products. These may work to further irritate your skin during treatment. You should also avoid tanning and keep your skin protected from injury.

Do not workout prior to your appointment because sweating will dehydrate your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get a good nights rest before your treatment. On the morning of your appointment, dress in loose-fitting clothes and do not wear makeup if the procedure is occurring on your face.


When you arrive at the appointment, your skin will be cleaned and a numbing agent applied. For deep laser treatment, the anesthetic may need to be injected into your face. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the aesthetician will begin the treatment. The hand-held laser device will be applied to the areas of your skin that need improvement.

The device will emit strong pulses of light. The heat from the light will penetrate the dermis layer and help exfoliate the outer layers of old skin. Resulting in a new, smoother, better-toned layer of skin to grow in the following weeks.

The treatment will take about forty-five minutes, after which the aesthetician will apply healing cream and may bandage the skin. You can return home and begin your recovery afterward.


This treatment often requires one to two weeks of downtime but will depend on the depth of the laser.

Following your procedure, your skin will feel tight and sunburnt. It will be important to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Use moisturizing products that have been recommended or approved by your aesthetician. It will take about five to seven days for your skin to heal and rejuvenate. During this time your skin will peel and exfoliate. It is important not to speed up the skin peeling process. This is natural and removing peeling skin yourself too soon may create damage.

You will need to avoid direct sunlight during the recovery period and once healed, wear a high SPF to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Makeup can be worn after the exfoliation process. A follow-up appointment will help our staff understand how your recovery process is going and to make any adjustments.


You will be able to see your results after a few days. Your skin will feel tight and as swelling diminishes you will begin to see the impressive results. Your skin will appear evenly toned and smooth. You should see a decrease in your concerns and a healthy glow will return to your face. Most patients require a few appointments to ensure optimal results.


Facial rejuvenation costs will vary based on the condition of your skin and the number of treatments needed to bring about your desired outcome. Please contact us to inquire about scheduling your personalized comprehensive evaluation. You can schedule a consultation with us at (619) 461-1500.


Is CO2 Laser painful?

No. A numbing agent will be used to help the procedure be more comfortable. Once completed your skin may feel sore like you received a sunburn. Ointments and over the counter medications will help improve any discomfort.

What does CO2 laser do?

CO2 lasers help to resurface your skin. The treatment will also work to lighten the skin and return a glow to it. The heat will stimulate collagen levels in the skin, helping to firm the skin and improve its texture. The result will be smooth, taut skin!

What is laser skin rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a skin resurfacing technique that helps to improve the quality of neck, face, and chest skin. The treatment utilizes CO2 laser technology to reduce irregular skin surfaces and improve the overall tone of the skin. Whether you are interested in skin resurfacing acne scars or improving the laxity of your skin, laser facial rejuvenation techniques will renew your skin!

Is laser skin tightening permanent?

No. As you age, your skin will become lax. However, laser skin tightening treatments can improve the quality of your skin for years!

Is laser treatment safe for skin?

For many skin types, yes. A consultation with one of our highly trained aestheticians will help you know if laser resurfacing is a good solution for you and your concerns.