Thigh Lift

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Weight loss, aging, and gravity can all affect our bodies; our legs are no exception to this. The skin on the thighs can begin to droop or sag due to these factors, leaving you unhappy with your figure. Unfortunately, no amount of diet and exercise can correct lax skin; however, undergoing a thigh lift can improve this concern. A thigh lift can provide the slim, contoured figure that you desire.

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About Thigh Lifts

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin from the thigh to result in a more evenly proportioned and taut upper leg. There are two main types of thigh lift: medial (inner) and lateral (outer). A consultation with Dr. Brown can help determine which thigh lift procedure is ideal for your body type and your aesthetic goals.

Thigh lifts are uniquely intended to tighten and reshape the thighs to help achieve the curves and contour that you desire for your lower body. This procedure is an excellent step in counteracting common signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and cellulite. It can also correct skin laxity after massive weight loss. These patients have lost a large amount of weight via bariatric surgery, as well as those for whom diet and exercise have resulted in drooping, excess skin throughout the upper thighs from loss of weight.

Thigh lift surgery is not intended to remove significant amounts of fatty tissue from the upper legs; however, liposuction can be combined with this procedure to provide the desired results.

Good Candidates

Ideal candidates for a thigh lift are men and women who maintain a stable weight and live a healthy lifestyle but have loose skin on their upper thighs. In many cases, the patients who seek this procedure have lost a significant amount of weight through successful completion of weight loss programs or a surgical procedure.

Other potential candidates for thigh lift surgery can be men and women who feel uncomfortable with the way their clothes fit and patients who are self-conscious about their appearance of their body’s figure.

These patients are looking to restore confidence in their body by removing excess skin and obtaining a more toned and slim figure.


During the consultation with Dr. Brown, the patient will discuss what aesthetic concerns they have in addition to their overall cosmetic goal. Dr. Brown will then evaluate their complete medical history and current health to further discuss the best approach for the procedure. During this evaluation, the doctor will take into consideration body type, cosmetic goals, and overall wellness.

This will help the doctor provide the patient with the safest options to achieve full recovery and provide their desired results. Dr. Brown will also conduct a physical examination to make the final determination of candidacy for the thigh lift procedure. If candidacy is confirmed during the consultation, the patient will have the opportunity to schedule their thigh lift procedure before leaving the office; however, there is no obligation to do so. Once the procedure has been scheduled, Dr. Brown will review the details of the procedure with the patient, including appropriate sedation techniques to be used during surgery. Before leaving the office, the patient will be given a list of custom preparatory instructions.

We ask that patients contact Dr. Brown and his staff directly with all questions and concerns during this time. Following the suggested pre-op preparation and following post-op instructions will help to reduce any potential risks and lead to a successful, full recovery with fantastic results.

Preparing for Surgery

In preparation for the procedure, the patient may be asked to:

  • Complete lab testing, physical examination, or additional analysis as requested by Dr. Brown to get medical clearance for surgery
  • Stop taking or modify certain medications and herbal supplements/vitamins that may cause an increase in bleeding
  • Quit smoking within two weeks of the scheduled procedure

In the case that your surgery is scheduled as an outpatient procedure, you will need to arrange for a ride to and from the facility the day of surgery. It is also suggested that you have someone stay with you for at least 24 hours following your procedure.

Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lift surgery takes 2-3 hours to complete, varying depending on the extent of treatment that is required. The patient will be monitored during surgery to ensure their safety throughout the length of the procedure. After surgery, the patient will be taken to the recovery area where they will continue to be closely monitored for a couple of hours before being released home.

Before beginning the procedure, the general anesthesia will be administered by our certified anesthesiologist. This will ensure that the patient feels no discomfort during the thigh lift procedure. Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Brown can begin the surgery. The incision location and pattern will vary based on the type of thigh lift procedure being performed. The angle and size of incisions are determined by the surgeon and the patient during the initial consultation. The patient can expect to have a small drain placed in the incisions for the first few days after surgery. These drains will help to remove any remaining bodily fluid that accumulates. Once this is complete, Dr. Brown will use sutures to close the incisions. These will need to be removed at a later time, typically during the first postoperative appointment.

Medial (Inner) Thigh Lift Incision

There are two different techniques commonly used for medial thigh lifts. The first technique is an incision near the groin that extends downward and wraps around the back of the thigh. The second is a technique used to remove excess skin from the groin to the knee which utilizes an incision along the inseam of the thigh.

The different techniques for the thigh lift procedure can be discussed with Dr. Brown during the consultation to determine surgical option will be the best choice for the patient’s concerns. In cases of minimal skin correction, a small incision near the groin area can be made. This incision allows for minimal invasion and limited scarring. This particular process is utilized for smaller-scale reconstruction and shaping of the inner thigh.

Lateral (Outer) Thigh Lift Incision

The lateral technique usually involves an incision extending from the groin, around the hip, and across the lower back. This thigh lift technique is designed for patients who have significant excess skin on the thighs and lower back. This method removes the most amount of skin than any other thigh lift technique.

Alternative Procedures

In the case that the patient does not have a significant amount of lax skin but wants to remove excess fat from their thighs, Dr. Brown can perform liposuction as a stand-alone procedure. There are a couple different liposuction techniques that can be used to remove unwanted fat throughout the thighs. Dr. Brown offers SmartLipo and traditional liposuction to remove thigh fat. Depending on the amount of excess fat and the patient’s particular case, one liposuction method may be better suited than the other.

The best technique will be discussed and chosen during the consultation to ensure that the patient’s aesthetic goals and physical requirements have been met.


The average post-op recovery period for a thigh lift is about two to four weeks. During the recovery time, the patient may be asked to apply bandages and dressings to their incisions. Small drains may be temporarily placed in the incision to help remove excess blood and fluid that can collect under the skin. These will typically be removed during the first follow-up appointment. Dr. Brown will advise his post-op patients with proper surgical site maintenance and provide instructions regarding how to care for the treated areas. The doctor will also provide a prescription for pain medication to assist with discomfort during the healing process. Before leaving the office, the patient will be notified of when to return to our office for their suture removal and further post-op evaluation.

All patients are required to come in for a follow-up appointment to allow Dr. Brown to monitor their healing process. Depending on the healing process of the patient, the sutures can be removed within the first couple post-operative appointments. In some cases, patients may receive dissolvable sutures, in which case, they will disappear on their own. Regardless, the follow-up appointment is a chance for Dr. Brown and his skilled staff to answer any questions the patient may have as well as ensure that the proper healing is taking place for the best overall results.

Although visible contour changes and smooth skin can be seen almost immediately, final results can be seen after about ten weeks after swelling and bruising have fully subsided. It is suggested by the doctor to follow all aftercare instructions to optimize the recovery period and procedure outcome.


The cost of a thigh lift will vary based on which technique is performed, the extent of that procedure, and various other factors such as combining a thigh lift with a tummy tuck or liposuction. During the initial consultation, Dr. Brown will work alongside the patient to determine the best treatment plan and will be able to provide an estimated cost for the procedure. To obtain a custom thigh lift quote, we ask that patients contact our office to schedule their private consultation with Dr. Brown.