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Rejuvapen Skin treatment san diego

Rejuvapen is our skin treatment procedure that uses high-level technology to make your skin become firmer and regain its elasticity. It is a state-of-the-art microneedling system that is extremely powerful yet soft to the touch to combat minor skin blemishes. It is a minimally invasive procedure that will improve the appearance of your skin, including eliminating acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is a fast, simple solution to restore the natural beauty of your skin. Done with tiny medical-grade needles, the device creates tiny gaps in the skin so that collagen production can increase and allow the elastin fibers to strengthen and smooth the skin.

Dr. Daniel Brown, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon who strives to provide the utmost quality in results while maintaining a friendly and nonchalant vibe inside our tranquil offices throughout greater San Diego. It’s never been easier to seek out treatment at one of our offices in Carmel Valley/Del Mar, La Jolla, and Coronado. Or you can simply call (619) 461-1500

About Rejuvapen

Rejuvapen is a highly precise treatment that uses small, sterile needles stored inside a cartridge. It is an automated process that moves slowly over the treatment area. The treatment creates microchannels deep in the skin. Its process is known as Collagen Induction Therapy. It triggers a natural healing response and increases collagen production and elastin to rejuvenate and improve your skin’s texture. [1] The most commonly treated area is the face to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it can be used to strengthen and tighten the skin on the forehead, cheeks, lower eyelid, chin, and along the jawline. Rejuvapen can also be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks or superficial scarring on other parts of the body. [2] Patients love the Rejuvapen experience because of its proven results. You can certainly count on reduced fine lines and wrinkles, smaller pores, and an overall improvement in the appearance of the epidermis.


Patients like the treatment because of its minimally invasive, quick nature. It brings forth immediate and effective results. There are many other advantages to seeking the treatment. They include: [3]

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Quick procedure with short downtime, and little to no pain
  • Enriched skin texture and tone
  • Decrease in pores and stretch marks
  • Improves hyperpigmentation and acne scarring

To see how you can reap the benefits of Rejuvapen, schedule a consultation at one of our offices throughout the San Diego area. Your chance to have clearer skin is a click or phone call away!


Candidates looking to revive their skin with a simple and effective treatment are more than welcome to seek treatment. It has done wonders for patients who are looking to achieve an aesthetic that suits their needs. Microneedling is safe for all skin types and complexions. Ideal candidates should also:

  • Be a healthy individual free of any pre-conditions
  • Have mild to moderate skin issues
  • Understand how the Rejuvapen can help them

To see if you qualify for treatment, come see us for a consultation in sunny San Diego. We are here to unlock your new silky, supple skin.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Daniel J. Brown, M.D. is a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast enhancement, and skin treatments. His innate knowledge and expertise in human anatomy have placed him as one of the most sought out plastic surgeons in the area. He will champion your cause and bring forth remarkable results for you

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Your consultation will take place at one of our three offices located throughout the San Diego area. In our North County communities, you can visit us at La Jolla’s Scripps/Ximed building and the Torrey Hills Medical and Dental Plaza in Carmel Valley/Del Mar. In the San Diego/South Bay area, you can visit us in the oceanfront community Coronado, just one block away from Centennial Park. From the moment you walk into our offices, you will find solace in knowing that our priority is you. We are committed to giving your skin some TLC.

You will be greeted with Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff with open arms as we find your pathway to silky, supple skin. We will ask you a few questions regarding your health and medication intake. After that is where Dr. Brown will meet with you to turn the floor over to you. We want to know your concerns and what we can do to help. After that, Dr. Brown will examine your skin, paying close attention to the skin elasticity and texture. Your personal consultation will conclude with a treatment plan that works for you.

Take the first step in restoring your skin to optimal levels. Pencil in a consultation. We also offer virtual sessions for those unable to make it to our offices.


Little is needed to prepare for the treatment. There are a few small things Dr. Brown recommends patients to do beforehand. You should: 

  • Avoid certain medications and supplements including blood-thinners 
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol 1 week prior
  • Please refrain from tanning beds and prolonged sun exposure 2 weeks before
  • Come to the office without makeup or moisturizer


We’ll get you situated on your big day. Dr. Brown may apply a topical numbing cream to maximize your comfort. He will start the process by moving the device gently along the skin. Rejuvapen will do its work with its nine precisely spaced micro needles that will create tiny perforations in the top two layers of your skin. [4] It starts a response in your body to ramp up collagen production. Rejuvapen revives your skin and starts the healing process. Your skin will become silkier, smoother, and firmer. That also means your fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced, pores will begin to diminish, and you will start to look younger. The entire process should take around 30 minutes. Many patients say the treatment has a slight tingling sensation but is not painful.


skin rejuvenation treatment southern california

The minimally invasive procedure allows patients to enjoy a short downtime. In fact, after your treatment, you are free to return to your life just the way you left it. That means you may return to work, drive home, or run errands. However, don’t push yourself. You may want to rest up for 1-2 days if you feel you need to relax. Most patients will experience some degree of redness at the treatment site that will last up to two days after treatment. [5] The skin might feel tight and itchy for 1-2 days. 


Patients will notice firmer skin almost immediately after but full results will start to show in subsequent weeks to allow for the swelling and irritation to subside. To optimize your healing, you may be given a skincare routine to facilitate the recovery process and maintain results. Depending on your skin condition, we recommend 3-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Now that you have got those pesky fine lines and wrinkles under control, why not tackle another part of the body? If you have sagging skin on the neck and the lower part of the face then you may benefit from a FaceTite treatment. This minimally invasive treatment helps eliminate fat, tighten up loose skin, and stimulates collagen production in the lower part of the face and neck.


The final cost of your treatment will depend on several factors. Things to consider when calculating the cost are the extent of your condition and the number of sessions required to perfect your ideal aesthetic. These concerns will be addressed during your consultation. Our friendly staff will gladly help you out. We accept cash, check, VISA, and MasterCard. Brown Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer patients easy ways to fund their treatment. Check out our financial page to find out more inflation on how to pre-qualify our financial lending partners. You can also have a look at our occasional specials to take advantage of huge savings.


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