Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

An Ethnic Nose Job Will Augment Your Individuality 

An Ethnic Nose Job is plastic surgery to restore symmetry to your appearance while preserving your cultural identity. Dr. Daniel J. Brown is an effective listener and a trusted advisor. He understands that beauty is a unique expression of your inner essence. There are also functional benefits to rhinoplasty. A cosmetic correction to your nose can bring balance to your entire appearance.     

Dr. Daniel Brown is one of San Diego’s best plastic surgeons. His scholarly publications assert his surgical expertise. Dr. Brown’s personality profile is warm and inviting. Applying his intimate knowledge of human anatomy, he artistically creates natural and remarkable results.

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Nose Surgery for Every Ethnicity

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Brown wants to help you achieve your goals. You can honor your deep roots and make the most of your own moment at the same time. Dr. Brown resists false dichotomies that present plastic surgery as a black-and-white choice between enhancing your native beauty and altering your fundamental identity. Indeed, as one of the high medical arts, guided by the ancient principles of aesthetics, plastic surgery presents its best results only when it embellishes the rich story that your features already tell.[1]      

Rhinoplasty can be performed on adults or teens. Men and women of any ethnicity can benefit from this life-changing cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Brown’s Patient Satisfaction

“I was a person to Dr. Brown. I wasn’t this ‘plastic surgery object’ to him. When he looked at me I could tell he was thinking ‘what does she need in order to feel complete?’ That’s when I knew that Dr. Brown isn’t interested in the contrived modes of beauty that are feebly perpetuated by a moribund patriarchy. He sees the real me.

Patient of Dr. Brown’s

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One’s underlying motives often remain a mystery, even to themselves. The benefits of a nose job may be cosmetic or functional.[2] Rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of an overly large or misshapen nose. Dr. Brown skillfully restores symmetry to your face while preserving the distinctive features of your ethnic heritage, if you so desire.   

Rhinoplasty may also improve airway patency. The procedure corrects blocked airways if a deviated septum is causing breathing difficulties or chronic sinusitis.


  • Facial harmony
  • Aesthetic symmetry 
  • Improved airway patency 
  • A more powerful self-image


Ideal candidates are otherwise healthy individuals who seek to correct their nose for functional or cosmetic reasons. Adults and children from every racial background are eligible for the procedure. The best age for rhinoplasty is when your nose has reached adult size, starting at about 16 years old.[3]  

Your Private Consultation with Dr. Brown

Celebrate yourself! Dr. Brown is here to help. He is the medical director of one of the most esteemed and respected practices in San Diego, CA, with three convenient locations in La Jolla, Coronado and Del Mar. He is a sought-after writer and speaker who frequently appears on local television and in medical journals. He and his sensitive, attentive staff of medical professionals are ready to listen. 

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At your private consultation, Dr. Brown will inform you of all you need to know to appropriately prepare for your rhinoplasty procedure. It would be wise to fill any necessary prescriptions ahead of time, and to adhere to a healthy diet in the days leading up to your surgery. We strongly advise that you quit smoking before any surgery, especially those involving the respiratory organs of the face.[3] You may have to stop taking certain medications that can cause complications, like blood-thinning aspirin and ibuprofen. Arrange for a trusted friend or family member to pick you up on your surgery day. 


After anesthesia, Dr. Brown begins by making incisions within the nostrils or across the base of your nose. He separates the skin from the underlying soft cartilage and bone, and, with the help of specialized tools, he will reshape the underlying nasal structure.

Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty, your surgeon makes a more involved and technically complex set of incisions. The aim of Dr. Brown’s scalpel-work is to gain full access to the interior of your nose. This will allow him to do more of his work unimpeded, although the increased invasiveness will mean a longer recovery. In “closed rhinoplasty,” Dr. Brown leaves more of the nose’s exterior intact. He makes fewer incisions and attempts to work around your nasal structures. 

A Question of Degree

The details of your procedure shall involve a careful calculation to balance your aesthetic goals and the commitments of the procedure. Closed rhinoplasty has a shorter recovery time but it is only appropriate for less extensive nose jobs. An open nose job, while more complex, can certainly open up more possibilities

When your rhinoplasty is complete, all incisions are secured with sutures. Dr. Brown will place cotton dressing with soft nasal splints within your nasal passage. An external splint outside the nose provides support and protection.

Recovery & Results

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

After nose surgery, you will stay home and keep your head elevated to control swelling. Bruising and swelling are most evident during the first week. Bruising should resolve in one to two weeks, while swelling will gradually subside over the course of a few months.

The initial recovery period is about ten to fourteen days. Protect the surgery site from impact and sun exposure. Avoid vigorous activities for several weeks.

All surgical procedures, including rhinoplasty, have risks. We’ll review risks and safety information in detail when you visit our San Diego office for a rhinoplasty consultation.

Do Nose Jobs Last Forever?

The results of your nose job will be long-lasting. The course of your healing shall set the new tone and tenor of your face. It will most assuredly be a tone that is consistent with the unique story of your rich ethnic heritage. As the new bone and cartilage settle into their final forms, your results will endure, as unaffected by the passage of time as the silent stonework of ancient civilizations. 

How Much Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cost in San Diego?

A perfectly executed rhinoplasty by Dr. Brown is a highly customized procedure. He must shape and sculpt your nose to the unique contours of your face. Every face is different and every ethnicity is beautiful. At your confidential consultation, Dr. Brown will learn your medical history. With all the necessary facts in hand, he or one of his helpful staff will quote you an accurate cost. 

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Can I blow my nose after rhinoplasty?

Doctors strongly advise that you do not blow your nose after rhinoplasty, although you may certainly be tempted. The nature of your recovery involves some swelling in the nasal cavity, which may feel like typical, uncomfortable congestion. But a harsh discharge from your nose (i.e. blowing your nose) will do nothing to relieve your discomfort. In fact, it is very likely that you will cause harm to the tender tissues healing within your nasal interior. Avoid potential complications by using a saline nasal spray to gently moisturize your nasal passages until the swelling goes down. You can resume blowing your nose after one month. 

Will a nose job make me more attractive?

Objective scientific investigations have yielded peer-reviewed and published studies that clearly conclude patients who have had rhinoplasty actually appear more beautiful.[4] But our confusing age’s most captivating revelations are only a rediscovery of the deeper truths of our common humanity. The wise ancients were the first to incorporate ideas of symmetry into their immortal works of art. The world’s finest plastic surgeons keep just as keen an eye on ineffable ideas of balance and tension in their modern-day medical masterpieces.  


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