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Dr. Daniel Brown will meet with you in the comfort and privacy of his San Diego area La Jolla and Coronado offices for your complimentary consultation. As every individual’s desires and needs are quite different, the doctor will thoroughly discuss your goals and the benefits of multiple surgical options and possible non-surgical treatments. He will carefully guide you and enable you to make the most informed and appropriate decision about your cosmetic procedure and desired results.

We very much understand that sometimes things come up last minute, and that people are unable to make it to their appointments due to unforeseen events or changes in schedule. This has happened to all of us at one time or another. Our office policy requires notification by phone or email of appointment cancellation at least a 24 hours prior to your confirmed appointment time. You will receive a friendly reminder email two days before, and a phone call reminder on the day before your consultation date. If you need to reschedule, we are very happy to find a time for your appointment that accommodates your availability.

We look forward to meeting you and to learning about your areas of concern. Dr. Brown helps you to achieve beautiful, natural results by utilizing his extensive experience and artist’s eye for symmetry and detail. With unmatched professionalism, warmth and care, Dr. Brown brings extraordinary attention to detail to every procedure to allow you to achieve your specific goals. To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Brown, please call us at 619.461.1500, email us at [email protected], or request an appointment in the form on the right hand side of this page. We welcome your visit.

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