Bellesoma Breast Lift [FAQ]

Bellesoma Breast Lift

Bellesoma is a cutting-edge breast lift technique that is taking the plastic surgery world by storm.

This technique does not result in the vertical scarring that is so often required with standard breast procedures. Vertical scarring is unattractive and can detract from the new, sexy results a breast lift provides. With Bellesome, patients can achieve their best perkier youthful breasts! With this new treatment, we are seeing quite the increase in patient interest and want to address the questions we are frequently asked.

What is Bellesoma?

Bellesoma is an advanced form of a breast lift. These techniques are used to reduce the breasts and differ from traditional breast lift methods which rely on tightening the skin instead of lifting the internal breast structure. The Bellesoma method reshapes and positions the breasts higher on the chest wall and helps our patients maintain youthful breasts for a long time.

How can I lift my breasts without implants?

Many women are interested in breast lift procedures that do not rely on implants. Traditional breast lifts can relocate the breasts on the chest but they will leave a vertical scar from the nipple to the breast crease. The Bellesoma method is unique because it restructures the internal breast and only requires an incision along the breast crease. An incision along the breast crease can easily be hidden by the breast themselves. The Bellesoma method is the best breast lifting technique if you are looking for discreet scarring and impressive results.

What is a Bellesoma breast lift?

A Bellesoma breast lift is a revolutionary method that is letting women achieve long-lasting, inconspicuous breast lift procedures. The Bellesoma method uses advanced techniques to improve the internal structure of the breasts. A breast lift surgery performed with the Bellesoma method will be performed in three steps.

Incisions are created along the natural border of the areolas and in the natural crease of the breasts. The incision along the areola will blend in with the color change between the areola tissue and skin tone of the breasts. Through these incisions, unwanted tissue is removed. New breast mounds will be created with the tissue left in the breasts. These new mounds will allow the breasts to sit higher on the chest wall.

The breasts will be analyzed to make sure they are symmetrical and the size is proportional to the rest of your body. The breast tissue will then be secured to the chest muscles. Attaching the tissue to the muscle is what makes Bellesoma stand out as a lift procedure. This securing method takes the pressure off the shoulders, neck, and back and takes the weight off the skin.

Incisions are closed and the breasts are bandaged. The placement of these incisions causes scarring to be much less noticeable than traditional breast lifts. Scarring can also easily be hidden in the natural contours of the chest as well as underneath clothing like bras.

The Bellesoma method stands out as a cutting-edge technique among breast lift procedures and is helping more and more women achieve their best results!

How much does the Bellesoma breast lift cost?

The cost of a Bellesoma treatment will relate to your personalized treatment. Each woman has a unique anatomy and her own body goals. We recognize this and will take the time to go over your options and create your best treatment plan. For a highly personalized breast lift procedure that will help you look and feel your best, schedule a consultation with us today.

Is there a scarless breast lift?

No, but Bellesoma is the closest thing to a scarless breast lift. With Bellesoma, scars will be minimal and not very noticeable. This is because incisions are hidden along the natural curves and borders of the breasts. With a traditional breast lift, a vertical scar is often needed. This scar is very noticeable and may detract from your results. We want you to love your results and feel confident in intimate settings. With Bellesoma you don’t have to worry about vertical scarring! Scars are hidden in the breast crease and along with the change of color between your areolas and natural skin. Look and feel your best with the Bellesoma breast lift method!

Are breast lift scars worth it?

Whether or not breast lift scars are worth the procedure will depend on the patient. Many women are interested in a breast lift because their breasts cause them back and shoulder pain. This is due to the weight of the breasts pulling down. With a Bellesoma breast lift, the weight is redistributed and pressure is taken off the shoulders, neck, and back. The resulting scars are often worth the improved comfort. A better quality of life is what we want to provide for our patients. With Bellesoma you get improved comfort with less noticeable scarring. You can enjoy perkier breasts and less scarring with the Bellesoma breast lift technique.

Can you just get a breast lift without implants?

Yes! Bellesoma breast lifts are performed without implants and require fewer incisions than traditional breast surgery. A Bellesoma breast lift can be achieved without implants because it focuses on restructuring the internal breast. New breast mounds are created from existing breast tissue. The results are secured to the muscles within the chest. This helps your results stay perky for a long time and takes the stress off of the skin of your breasts. The outcome of a Bellesoma procedure is significant because there is much less visible scarring and the lift is accomplished with your tissue. No foreign product needs to be inserted into your chest. The Bellesoma breast lift technique is helping women everywhere achieve their best breast lift!

What is a scarless breast lift?

Scarless breast lifts are not possible, but with the Bellesoma method, scars are well-hidden along the natural contours of the breasts. With discreet scarring, women are very satisfied with their Bellesoma results. This ingenious method is allowing women to feel more confident in their outcomes. The breasts are such a poignant aspect of youth and we want our female patients to get their best results. With the Bellesoma technique, women don’t have to worry about ugly scarring that is highly noticeable.

Do breast lift scars go away?

Breast lift scars will fade with time.

What is the best breast lift procedure?

The best breast lift procedure will relate to the goals of the patient. Many women combine a breast lift with breast augmentation. These two procedures provide an impactful result. Breasts are rejuvenated and lifted to a perkier position while women can also obtain a fuller, larger chest. However, for just a breast lift, the Bellesoma method is ideal for most of our patients. This method doesn’t require implants or other devices to lift the breasts. Your natural tissue can be molded to reshape the breasts. Once they are sculpted, the tissue will be secured to the chest muscles for a long-lasting transformative result.

Is there a lot of scarring with a breast lift?

With a traditional breast lift, three incisions are often applied. An incision around the areolas, and incision from the areola border down the front of the breast to the breast crease and then the last incision which runs under the breast. The long vertical incision that runs down the front of the breast can be very noticeable. We want our female patients to love their results and not be self-conscious of a vertical scar. That is why we offer the Bellesoma method. With a Bellesoma breast lift, you get to enjoy your results and not worry about noticeable scarring. In a Bellesoma breast lift surgery, no vertical scarring is required! We can accomplish a breast lift with just two incisions placed strategically and discreetly.

What’s the difference between the Bellesoma Method and a traditional breast lift?

There are two primary differences between a Bellesoma breast lift and a traditional breast lift. With the traditional breast lift, three incisions are required. The most noticeable scar is a vertical incision that runs across the front of the breast. With the Bellesoma method, only two incisions are required and they are placed inconspicuously. The second difference is how the breast lifts are finished up. With a Bellesoma treatment, the breast tissue is secured to the chest muscles, allowing pressure to be taken of the skin. This will help your results stick around for longer since your skin won’t keep being pulled on by both gravity and the weight of your breasts. Bellesoma breast lifts are a great alternative to the traditional breast lift.

Who is a candidate for the Bellesoma Method?

A candidate for the Bellesoma method is a woman not interested in breast implants. She will be interested in a breast lift for a variety of reasons such as droopy breasts that may cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. The treatment will provide fuller perkier breasts that will last a long time.

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